Gift carton from Workington a World Cup success

When the Taittinger champagne house wanted to create an elegant carton for the 2014 FIFA World Cup official champagne they chose to use paperboard from Iggesund in Workington. Made in Cumbria, the paperboard is called Incada and is regarded as having one of the best printing surfaces.

The World Cup champagne carton is a development of another Taittinger design that won Carton of the Year award two years ago in Europe. The dominant decoration on both the World Cup version and its forerunner is a foil layer applied to the paperboard. In the World Cup version the foil appears as holographic footballs.

For a foil application to be successful, the paperboard must have an extremely smooth surface because the foil will highlight any defects in the substrate. Another reason why Taittinger chose Incada is because it is very stiff in relation to its weight, which enables the creation of very lightweight packaging that protects its contents well.

It’s an interesting thought that biomass from English farms is providing the energy to manufacture paperboard from English trees. And that this paperboard is now being used to protect the World Cup champagne – that is, at least until the winning team is crowned.