Far superior energy balance

“I don’t know any crop with such a superior energy balance as SRC willow,” says agronomist Per Åsheim. “By that I mean how much pure bioenergy you get back from the moderate investment of fossil fuel to plant, cultivate and harvest the crop.”

The balance is also constantly improving because planting and harvesting techniques are being developed in the same direction as in the rest of society – towards energy savings and efficiency and thereby also reduced fossil emissions. Yet another factor contributing to a positive energy balance is the higher crop yield resulting from the plant breeding that has gone on ever since SCR willow was first planted as an energy crop.

“If I compare the salix we grew in the 1980s with today’s varieties, the crop yield has increased by over 100 per cent,” Åsheim says. “And that’s good news not only for the energy balance but also for the grower.”