Easy Change Over From Willow To Prized Limousin Cows


Dennis Richardson bought extra acreage, because he needed more pasture land for his prized Limousin cows. ”Iggesund showed me that it was possible to remove a few acres quite easily. The roots are very shallow, and my land will be ready in less than a few months for my cows to have more space.”
A willow plantation will have a life of 22-25 years and after the end of its productive life, the land can easily be returned to conventional cropping or another Short Rotation Coppice of Willow crop. ‘‘
The crop also benefits from single farm payment entitlements as a permanent crop, there are also other double crop opportunities that can further increase your net returns.
”If I had more land I would be planting more SRC Willow Crop” ”I am amazed at the extreme shallowness of the willow roots. I can pick up a tree in one hand, roots and dirt included.”