Brian’s new job

Brian has peace of mind…
at his new job away from the sheep farm.

Brian and Alison Wilson are always searching for alternative revenue streams around their sheep farm. Due to Brian recently taking a job away from the farm, they wanted crops or activities, which don’t require constant attention. Comments Brian, ”We chose willow to be harvested by the Iggesund team, because all we had to do was prepare the land. They planted and will harvest over the course of several decades. I can have peace of mind at my new job away from the farm.”

Alison also found comfort with the willow choice. ” Extra revenue is important for short and long term success at our farm. We have confidence in Iggesund, knowing that they have a huge bio-boiler to feed, and a commitment to producing energy for themselves and the community. They are the right kind of partner for a small enterprise like ourselves.”