A few months growth after 1st year cut back at S. Clarke’s farm this March

Steven Clarke enjoys walks alongside his willow fields, as his Jack Russell’s race in and out of the coppice crop. During the first growing season, the inserted cuttings will produce 1-2 shoots with a maximum height of 2.0- 2.5m.

THESE ARE CUTBACKS as close as practically possible to ground level using a reciprocating type finger bar mower, which should produce a clean cut. Other types of flail mowers can cause excessive damage.
This cutback will encourage the established cutting to produce multiple shoots, often eight to ten sometimes 15 depending on variety. Re-growth is rapid and vigorous with ground cover/canopy closure being achieved by mid-summer in the year following planting.
There is some discussion as to the necessity of cutback. However, where weed growth can continue throughout the year, cutback gives a necessary second opportunity for weed control application.
Following cutback, the coppice enters its cropping cycle of between two and three years.